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Artist FAQs

Any type, seriously, if it’s in a file that most computers can read, it can be included in Azelo!

Inquire with the Azelo team and we will add you to our artists pool! My information can be found here about the details of being an Azelo artist.

From each primary auction (when you directly sell the work), you’ll receive 75% of the sale and you’ll earn a maximum of 12% in royalties each time someone else sells your art! Galleries, beat that!

Azelo uses IPFS (a decentralized alternative to http) to allow our content to be completely censor proof and forever available. Because of this, we can accept literally ANY file type! This doesn’t mean you should use any file type, but rather that you can use any file type. It’s recommended to use file types that normal browsers and users can view.

There is also no limit on file size, however, be aware that the larger the file, the higher chance our users and your collectors will experience delays when trying to view your art. For still images, we do require a minimum file size of 3000 pixels on one side.

Suggested video formats include MOV, MPEG, and MP4. We recommend at least 1920x1080 resolution and a length of at least 20 seconds. Be aware, most artworks are under 10 minutes as larger files will lead to a reduced playback experience.

We accept VR-compatible files, however, it is recommended that you include instructions on preferred playback specifications.

Of course! Azelo will promote your work across our media channels, we will be working with you to make sure your involvement with Azelo is as successful as possible.

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