What is Azelo

The Why

There are more artists than ever before, creating thought-provoking and culturally significant art works without a reliable revenue stream.

The What

Azelo is a platform to allow digital artists to create limited editions of their artwork and sell them to digital collectors securely using blockchain technology.

And the How

Artists upload their works to Azelo, once accepted, they can create auctions and run social campaigns to invite their fans to buy their artwork on Azelo.

Why digital art needs Azelo

The Best Way to Learn? Animations!

Join Azelo as an Artist

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Every artwork is trackable which means we can guarantee that each time your work is sold, you earn a royalty from the sale. We make sure you are continously incolved and successful throughout the lifetime of your works. Each resell will earn you a 12% royalty.


Safe and Secure

With our technology, we have created a secure way to store your art. Your works will be kept in a trusted network that is censorship proof and where you can verify each and every artwork on our platform.


Collector Network

Joining Azelo will grant you access to our expansive collector's network. We work to personally introduce you to collectors we believe would be perfect for your work.

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Our Tech

Learn How we integrate Metamask

Learn How we integrate Ethereum

Learn How we integrate IPFS

Meet the Azelo Team

Brian Ali Funny

Charles Weiler-Ulin

Founder and CEO

Brian Ali Funny

Ali Parpaei

Co-Founder and CMO

Brian Ramona Funny

Ramona Valimareanu

Public Relations

Brian Narges Funny

Narges Mohammadi

Art Direction

Brian Kenny Funny

Kendrick Dettmers

Artist Relations

Brian Yhuran Funny

Yuran Obam

Artist Outreach

Brian Jair Funny

Jair Henriques

Content Production

Robin Robin Funny

Robin van der Vleuten


Marki Marki Funny

Marki von Ketelhodt

Global Head of Graphics

Brian Brian Funny

Brian Gharibaan



  • You’ll need a compatible web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox).
  • You’ll need an Ethereum wallet, most likely Metamask which can be installed here
  • You’ll need some Ethereum (a cryptocurrency), which you can obtain through exchanges such as here and here.

To buy artworks, you’ll have to bid on an auction that is still running. To place a bid, press (bid) and enter an amount higher than the previous bid. A pop-up from metamask will open to confirm the transaction, press confirm and wait for your bid to be processed.

After having bought artworks, you can resell them on auction. Go to “My Art”, toggle to “In Collection”, select “Auction” and enter in the starting amount for the auction as well as the end date for the auction. Click “Bid” and confirm the Metamask transaction.

At Azelo, we believe in open access which means that everyone will have the ability to view all art. What is protected on Azelo is the right to own, and claim ownership of artworks as digital assets.

Gas is the currency that powers Ethereum transactions. Each transaction is carried out across a network of computers, requiring a lot of computing power. Gas in ‘gwei’ is used to pay “miners” or the computers helping to transact for their work. You can learn more about it here.

Unfortunately, no. Your wallet is your possession and we have no access to it, it’s truly out of our hands and in your control. If you lose access to your wallet, we are sadly no help.

From all re-sales, Azelo takes an 8% cut while artists receive a maximum cut of 12%. Artists can determine their cut when creating artworks, so the cut per work may vary.

For Azelo to function safely and securely, we need each transaction to be written onto the blockchain. For now, that requires each user to own and use Ethereum to process these transactions.

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